Friday, May 18, 2012


 What is kaupeenam
            Kaupeenam(komanam) is a holy traditional inner clothes of india, the real indian  traditionals should always wear kaupeenam, it gives freeness, simpleness, peacefulness to mind and trationalistic mind to who always wear it, therefore our forefather always wearing kapeenam, but it is disappear because today all men wear modern underwear due to modernization, but modern underwear do not give any advantages which kaupeenam gives us, like pease of mind, calmness, freeneess etc, and modern underwear are ugly clothes, no other nasty clothes in the world like western underwear, therfore i hate it.  i don't use any innner clothes, like underwear........etc, those are bad inner clothes come from western countries,
                    all pure indian traditional people should wear kaupeenam always,  they should wear always kaupeenam only,  in olden days all male always would have been wearing kaupeenam only as their inner clothes, but in modern age people give up their practice of kaupeenam wearing, it is wrong, kaupeenam is a holy innear clothes,
             some fingers counted people are found in tamilnadu and kerala, they always wear kaupeenam, we are not able say that how much thanks we have to pay them, we should wear kaupeenam from childhood then is will be practiced well, then after no one give up koupeenam,
               i started to wear kaupeenam at age of 15, now i am wearing kaupeenam always from fast 20 years,  i have no any other inner clothes other than kaupeenam, now koupeenam is the one of the part of my body,

 How shall we wear Koupeenam
             To wear koupeenam we need two long cloths one shall tie on the waist another shall hang at front side of on the tied cloths as it become two fold, then we shall tie it to backside,(as shown in pic) 

           i started komanam wearing at age of 15, when i started to wear veshti always, since then i always wearing komanam from fast 20 years, i can not live without kaupeeenam, it is like one part of my body,

             therefore i suggest to traditional please wear always only koupeenam, and get pease of mind and save our holy tradition.


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  2. could you give me the standard dimensions of this koupeenam for me to let my tailors know please reply to

  3. Hello Kaupeenam, I'm also komanam wearer. You read my blog as Komanam2Kaupeenam. You can search this word in google and give you comments, Also I have made a video in youtube. You search as "how to wear Komanam or Kaupeenam". Share your thoughts

  4. i have a suggestion - do not use 2 pieces of cloth. Use aranjanam (arayin kayiru) and a square piece of cloth. that is more easy to handle. In fact, that is ancestors used aranjanam.